We updated our dates/data in our backend, for when our 'service' concepts was launched.

Just the idea of some of these being more than 10 years old, is impressive in its own right.

At the crossroads of these 6 concepts / companies, over the last couple of years we had / have:
- more than 70 full-time employees
- 9 offices (at one time 3 at a time) in 2 countries
- more than 50 trainees through our offices
- more than 40 freelancers affiliated for long periods
- only full-time employees in Aalborg with +5 years of seniority
- full-time employees in Ukraine with +3 years of seniority
- represented in 17 different countries
- 3 (soon 4) different types of 'products' / platforms online
- paid more than DKK 750,000 in prize money in our free-2-play lottery
- delivered an average of DKK 220,000 in physical articles (prizes) each year

... and we're just getting started.

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