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Internet Zoo ApS was established in 2015. Our group of companies develop a set of products aimed at entertaining people. Through great design and programming, we deliver a diverse range of online websites and services (as well as SaaS). We have offices in Denmark and Ukraine with a dedicated team of diverse employees, as well as ‘satellite’ offices around the world.

Zoo Factory ApS provides administrative, financial and technical support to all the subsidiaries in the Group. This includes the majority of our platform (SaaS) services, as well as the e-commerce integration for White Labels.

Games Factory offers a unique platform service in the form of either ‘skill bases’ games or ‘free lottery’, instant wins and much more. It is also the oldest company in our group, and was originally established back in 1999 as the first efter free-to-play and win, online lottery service.

Also one of the early additions to the ‘Zoo’, which offers a full service ‘dating’ platform, including all amenities associated with such a product.

Shop Factory is the latest animal to join our Zoo, but also the largest project and as such platform we can currently offer: e-commerce. It includes all relative amenities such as an full range Order Fulfillment Management system and dropshipping services.


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